The Social Networking for Business program will teach you a unique system how to generate business

Discover how to create your own social networking site or your Online Business community using our unique and proved system. This is in our view the best strategy to follow if you want to be on top of Mind of your customers, generate good income and create a valuable business.

What’s in it for me you might ask

Here are only a few of your benefits


There are still many markets waiting to be conquered by online community visionaries.

You will be able to communicate directly with your customers.

Your online community – is your business asset that grows in value.


Greater reach, greater efficiency, low cost.

Attract and retain new business.

Can target global, regional, national & specialty at the same time.

You will be able to connect people and spread ideas.

Using techniques that we teach you will be able to create a community site, and all you do is provide people with an exciting “meeting place” where they can meet to add or exchange ideas, get their questions answered, tell others a little about themselves, learn about subjects they are quite passionate about, etc ...

We will walk you through the major internet ideas and principles such us domain name registration, hosting, show you both benefits and dangers of online networks.

We will explain the best solutions available and more than 20 ways to make money from your social network. This include affiliate marketing, sponsorship, advertisement and many more. We explain you how to transfer and receive secure payments.

If you build a successful community, then the members of the community itself will do the work required to grow the site, generate content and expand your business further.


Many people have succeded.

Market, measure and grow online.

By creating your own online community site, promoting it right, you will be best able to communicate with existing and potential new customers about your business.


You have to take action now! If you don't engage in it, your competition will. In fact, they already are!

What you need to succeed?

• Purpose – Know what you want to get out of online professional networking – Define the social media program goals and plans (increase awareness of your capabilities, share thought leadership)

• Point of View – Use the virtual real estate wisely – create original content such as articles, videos, photos, news feeds, forums and blogs – Power to showcase knowledge – be transparent

• Patience – Returns come over time - expect results after 3-6 months and in some cases up to 1 year. – Engage with your audience online in the same way as you would have engaged personally.

For those who are interested in learning this new and exciting pass we prepared a 15 week free program where you will learn:

How to create your own social networking or Community site and make most out of it.

Of course there is not a single rule or method that can be applied to everyone. Each individual or entity should create its own strategy. To do so you need to understand the Internet and online community concepts and know how to apply them in your situation.

The commonly used path of the “today’s new world” is running along specific phases such as:

1. Presentation - yourself, company, services in a profile;

2. Networking - extend and increase your contacts;

3. Create value for your network, give first- provide information, link people, introduce, etc;

4. Engage- give feedback, connect, etc;

5. Become valuable for your network- make people wanting connecting to you;

6. Contract with your connection.

Based on our own expertise we figured out that creation of your own Community will achieve the end goal with much greater effect than just sticking to the common tools like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or blogging.

Included in the program:

· The major models to build social networks explained

· Mistakes To Avoid

· DIY "How To" Guides

. How to find your profitable niche

· Major professional Secrets revealed based on real success stories

. Major features of online communities explained

. Community management best practices

. Secrets and tips of traffic generation and marketing

· Valuable Tips how to monetize your social network

· And Much More!

The only technical skills required are ability to read English and work with an Internet Browser.

Here are only a few main trends and facts related to Social Networking that every professional or business owner should know.

1. Online communities will get real budgets.

2. Social media and online communities will reach behind corporate firewalls.

3. Great part of customer service and interaction with businesses will be conducted via social online communities.

4. Media will fragment even more and niche communities can be laser-targeted.

5. Both B2B and B2C companies will realize that many sales can be achieved from social media contacts.

6. Mobile channel will be a next big think for marketing.

7. Internet search will be real-time. This includes web, blogs, social networks. Delays will lead to loss revenue and customers.

8. Social networks' messaging will become more popular than regular email.

9. Online communities will become more commercial.

10. Advertisements on social networks will be much more interactive.

11. Internet users will set up their social network's profile as their home page and the hub of all Web activities.

12. Shopping activities will be seamlessly integrated into social online communities and networking sites. ___________________________________

How can you as a professional, a business owner or a consultant make use of these trends?

Are You still in doubts? May be you are asking who are these people who created this system.

Have a look as an example at a community we created and which became one of the best niche networks for risk managers in the world

- GlobalRisk Community linking thousands professionals around the globe. Thanks to active participation it became a thriving community providing good value for members and generating revenue for the owners.

If you are not already excited about the concept of social networking than you should be, because your competition will. Which is why we have created a valuable program that will get you a complete system including strategies, tools, best practices.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

We paid thousands dollars to learn this advanced knowledge from the best trainers in the world and we spent hundreds of hours to make this program. We charge quite substantial hourly fees for Online community consultation.

But you're not going to have to pay that much. You're not even going to have to pay half the amount. You can get your hands on the Social Networking for Business program completely free of charge and without any further obligations.

When you start reading and participate in the program, I guarantee you will be so excited, you will want to take immediate advantage of a very small window of opportunity that currently exists to get your own community site up and running and to have a growing asset working for you for many years to come. Put your name and e-mail address and start receiving this valuable program!

I wish you great business success,