An autoresponder is a must to have tool number 1 when you create your online business.

Yes! With an autoresponder software that fits your needs You too CAN generate leads sending emails to a list of prospects. It’s your turn to get off the sidelines and into the game andFIND New Customers

INCREASE Market Share

DEVELOP Stronger Customer Relationships

FACILITATE Repeat Business …and GROW!

It takes on average 7 messages before a prospect makes a purchase. An autoresponder is very important therefore because it allows you to build a relationship with your potential customers.

Aweber is without any doubts the number 1 Autoresponder.

The service is very reliable and flexible and has plenty of training and support. Aweber's engine has heaps of functions for data distribution; reporting and the likes.

AWeber is also great with testing your e-mail campaigns. You write your email, send it, check it in your email account, and fix the mistakes you find... and all this in a matter of seconds.

The pricing of Aweber services is quite competitive too.

You can add additional campaigns and they don't charge you extra for that.

Can You Have More Sales, Too?
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Aweber gives you good quality reports to measure the results of your campaign

Naturally the success of a campaign is ultimately determined by the amount of sales it drove in. But there are many other statistics that you can analyze to measure your email campaign. This is valuable information for setting benchmarks and for making improvements on future email prospecting campaigns.

Your email deployment system should provide the following metrics in a standard report upon the completion of a campaign:

• Delivered %

• Bounce %

• Open Rate

• CTR (Click-thru Rate)

• Number of Recipients Who Opted Out

Aweber has been in the autoresponder business for more 12 years since 1998 with growing 80,000+ customers. Since then their remotely hosted solution has become more and more powerful, making it a top choice for those seeking a solution managed by a third party.

Prices are very competitive too, starting at $19.00/month allowing anyone to be up and running within minutes.

Now you can get AWeber autoresponder 1-month trial for just $1.00 only, if you don’t like it during the trial period, you can simply cancel it at anytime (trial period) you want. Grab your AWeber autoresponder trial now before they remove it, as this special offer once taken away at a time before.

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