Choosing right blogging tools or software is an important step in your marketing process

The blogging tools or bloging software manages all your content, text, photos, music, video, documents, so you don't have to do anything from scratch.

To create and manage your social networking blog you need to choose right blogging tools with a following functionality:

• It allows you to use your business URL, not a subdomain of someone else's URL

• Allows subscriptions by RSS and email

• Automatically integrates with social media

• Automatically sends new blog posts to your subscribers by email

Key Blog Software Features are following:

A good analytics functionality is very important:

• Reports email and RSS subscribers over time

• Tracks each article (links, comments, views)

• Measures visitors and leads from your blog

• Tracks rank for keywords in search engines

• Tracks your competition as compared to you

When to Blog

Start bogging before you have a product, even before you have a website. All you need is a rough market understanding and some ideas.

A blog can launch a company as people will start reading your posts and you can prepare and educate them about your products or services.

How often should you blog?

If you have a steady readership, you should do it at least weekly, more is better. For SEO purposes, frequency is less important.

How do you find your Blog Topic Ideas?

• List of 5 ideas, trends or thoughts

• Publish a list of links

• Take a recent experience and share it

• Answer questions you received recently

• Comment on other blog articles

• Turn a press release into a blog article

• Check your email outbox

How to promote your blog?

• email friends and family

• email your contacts on other social networks like Linkedin, facebook...

• Replace email newsletter with blog

• Trade guest articles with similar blogger

• Twitter (automatic with Twitterfeed)

The two absolutely best blooging tools are Wordpress and Blogger. I reccomend Wordpress beause of its powerful add-on capabilities. WordPress is a great-looking and well-structured blogging tool. With some hosting providers you can activate WordPress on your web site with few seconds, and you can start adding your blog posts and pages within a couple of minutes.

WordPress has a large supporting community. There are many free WordPress themes and you can easily change your default theme with a new one. Additionally, there are plugins, which you can add to your WP blog to enhance its functionality, such as image galleries, statistics, anti-spam, etc. WordPress has a built-in search tool and archive. Comments tool is also included in the basic installation package

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