Business social networks are becoming increasingly popular among professionals

who want to stay updated, do their work better, search for jobs, new conatcts and last professional news.

LinkedIn is without a doubt is the most popular service that facilitate business-oriented connections. Linkedin is Focused on helping professionals maintain their list of connections, it also provides invaluable information on companies and is a great resource for job seekers and for filling job vacancies

APSense is a Business Online community which has several membership levels from free to VIP and to partner . It is focused on internet marketers mainly and helps bring their online business to life.

The prospects of social networking sites that focus on business-oriented users look more promising, analysts say. When these companies start charging fees is a matter of time only.

Focus- is a business social network where business professionals can help each other with their purchase and other business decisions by accessing research and peer expertise. Most importantly, Focus provides open, quality information for all businesses that is freely available, easily accessible, and community powered.

Some example of business niche networks include GlobalRisk Community – GlobalRisk Community a site catering for risk managers and its service providers.

Some other social networking sites which serve business people are:

Plaxo - An enhanced address book tool for networking and staying in contact.

Ryze was one of the first social networking websites. Ryze is a great destination for businesses wanting to get more done on the web and to set up company networking site. It is also great for professionals who want to create their own business networks and connect with other professionals.

Spoke is a business social network that specializes on the recruiting aspects of social networks. Unlike many other social networks for professionals, Spoke is an open-ended network that allows businesses to search through the database and tailor their recruiting efforts to a specialized audience

XING is one of the oldest business-oriented social networks. With over six million professionals using the service every day and conducting business in 16 different languages, XING is a leading business networking site. An excellent site for keeping track of your business contacts, XING can also help employers fill job vacancies and help young professionals land their fist big job.

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