How to decide whether to choose facebook marketing and advertisment or a Google marketing campaign?

What are benefits and disadvantages of facebook marketing comparing with other alternatives.

We analyse several categories - pricing, targeting, quality, volume and flexibility and then conclude on which types of ads are going to work best on each platform.


Currently Facebook advertising is much cheaper than Google. Some competitive markets like finance, internet are very high priced on google, where it is much difficult to compete with established big budget players. Facebook on the other hand is a newer platform and so, for now at least, it’s less competitive between advertisers and so ads are cheaper. Targeting

Google’s best method of targeting is it’s keywords system, where your ads only appear to users that have searched for a certain term. This can generate very targeted website visitors in terms of what they are looking for.However, if you want to only Target special demography such as Dutch man between the ages of 40 and 50 that are interested in playing golf, then the keywords system is unable to offer you this type of profile marketing.


We can define the quality of an advert by the relevance of it’s audience.In other words how much does the audience really want to see the ad. On Facebook, if your audience belongs to a particular demographic group, it MIGHT be interested in your product or service.

However on Google, if someone has searched for a particular product or service then you can be pretty confident that the majority ARE interested in your product or service.Google wins in this area.

A good well targeted ad on Google adwords can have up to 30% of the search audience clicking through to your site, and you can be sure they’re looking for the thing you’re offering, because they took the time and trouble to search for it.

With Facebook, just because someone fits your customer profile, it doesn’t mean they want to buy your product at a given moment in time when your ad appears. This is one of the major differences between the two platforms.


Until recently Google was the site most visited site on the entire Internet. But Facebook has become the site where everybody hangs out. Of the 500 million users, almost half log in in any given day. And not only that, the length of time spent on the site seems to be increasing all the time. All this ads up to a lot of page impressions, even more than on google.

You should remember of course that just because a lot eyeballs see your ad, this is not as effective as a smaller number of people seeing your ad that are much more interested in its content. It will depend also on your product/service offer as to whether it’s desirable enough to attract a large volume of casual interest using Facebook marketing, or whether you would want to limit it to a hardcore of very interested searchers from Google.


Google has been constantly amending its advertising rules lately and has told some regular advertisers that it’s not interested in their business.Facebook doesn’t behave like this yet and it has become a preferred channel for affiliates and internet marketers.

If you run a regular business this won’t really affect you, but if you’re into list building/funnel marketing then Facebook marketing will probably be a more attractive platform So when do you want to deploy facebook marketing?

I would suggest to use it for example if you sell a few ebooks in a specific niche like dog grooming.

If you are familiar with how internet marketing works and want to build a list and a sales funell to sell your ebooks and other products to customers. In this scenario, I’d say Facebook marketing and advertising is a preferred route because it’s likely to be cheaper (and more suited to a low cost product)It will appeal to a mildly interested audience if its targeted well – maybe with a freebie at first.It can hit a high volume and relevant audience using special facebook groups and fan pages.

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