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1.Sample Marketing Automation RFP Template

This RFP will help choose the right Marketing Automation vendor and enable justification to your marketing team. Learn why ease-of-use contributes to greater efficiency and productivity, how to improve email marketing campaigns with customization and how constant synchronization helps keep marketing and sales activities coordinated.

The 12 key areas for marketing automation success are:Campaign Management and Lead NurturingEmail MarketingLead ScoringLanding Page Creation and OptimizationSocial MediaData ManagementCRM IntegrationSales 2.0Reporting and AnalyticsPricing, Implementation, Services and SupportPrivacy and SecurityCompany Information and Infrastructure

2. Marketing Automation Calculator - Justify Your Spend

Use this PowerPoint as another tool to justify lead management and marketing automation. Customize the slides to your company's template, insert your own metrics and share with your peers however you see fit. Show how improved lead management will create more demand for your company's products or services with this custom presentation.The B2B Buyer has changed: need to pro-actively engage around educational topics

3. Engaging Your Subscribers Using Interactive Media in Email.
When referring to email marketing, the terms "relevance"; and"engagement" have been more than overused, but unfortunately, the message doesn't seem to be hitting home to quite a few email marketers. In a web 2.0 savvy world, the need for email marketers to be smarter with their email marketing tactics becomes even more of a necessity.

4. Convert your Business Applications into "Social Apps" using IBM solutions.
Learn how becoming a social business may be essential for success in today's and tomorrow's competitive landscape.To be successful, a business today must do so through the use of multiple channels including social media, blogs, wikis, online communities and more. IBM can help. In this webcast, we'll show you how simple collaboration solutions can help you build social business applications.

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5. How does your Web performance rank against the competition?
Poor site performance can drive customers to the competition. Forrester found that 40% of consumers will not wait more than 3-seconds for a page to load before abandoning a site.Poor site performance can drive customers to the competition. Forrester found that 40% of consumers will not wait more than 3-seconds for a page to load before abandoning a site.
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6. Market Review and Outlook: Small and Medium Business Needs of Internet-Based Services
This paper summarizes the results of a multi-year research study covering over 40 countries and based upon responses from 3,000 small and medium businesses(SMBs).This unique perspective on the market is the result of a multi-year research effort covering over 40 countries and responses from over 3,000 customers and the specific perspectives of small and medium businesses in the United States(SMBs).

7.Get Them Talking: How Growing Participation Chains Will Grow Sales
Interactions - no matter how small - drive conversations, leading to measurable business results. Ze Frank and Sam Decker share how to make the most of every interaction. Why do timeshares offer so many freebies? Why do you ask customers to indicate if reviews are helpful? It's all about participation. Interactions - no matter how small - drive conversations, which drive business results.

8.Social Commerce Trends Report: Key takeaways from Social Commerce Summit 2010
Some of the world's best minds shared their predictions and insights on social commerce at the 2010 Social Commerce Summit in April. Here's your chance to reap their wisdom in this concise guide, "Social Commerce Trends Report: Key Takeaways from the 2010 Social Commerce Summit." You'll learn:
•Where most companies begin with social commerce
•What is real ROI, and how is it measured?
•How search dictates the way people shop online (and how your brand benefits)
•The potential downfall of social media •What social commerce may look like in a year

9.The Dynamic Pricing Advantage
Download this white paper to learn how to help drive eCommerce loyalty, traffic, and excitement with price segmentation, flash sales, and online auctions.
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10.Drive Sales Faster: Guide to Smart SMS Marketing
Sell more in 160 characters or less. In this white paper, we will discuss how SMS can help retailers disseminate calls-to-action quickly and to a wider base of population, driving traffic and increasing revenue.
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11.Compuware-Gomez Multi-Browser Performance Test
How fast is your Website across different browsers and geographies?
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12.SOCIAL MEDIA: The Impact on the Multichannel Contact Center and Your Customers
Looking for expert advice on social media and its impact on the multichannel contact center but don't have access to an analyst firm to get the insight you need? This is your chance to gain that insight, free of charge.Social media isn’t about you; it’s about everything around you. As you consider how your customers want to communicate with you, social media is something that can’t be ignored. But what should your strategy be? Is social media “just another channel?” What kind of a plan makes sense for your contact center and for your customers? Join our experts as they share their insight and research results about…

What foundation you need to have in place before adding social media as a communication channel
What metrics matter in social media
How customer service can flourish in social communities
Who inside your organization should own it
Why simply monitoring social media mentions falls short
What technology is available that will help you succeed

The complimentary Web event will conclude with an extensive live Q&A session.

Featured presenters are:

Ian Jacobs, Senior Analyst, Customer Interaction, OvumKate Leggett, Senior Analyst, Forrester ResearchJoe Staples, CMO, ININSign Up Now.

13. 3 Ways to Make Your Site Tablet-Worthy
Create your own tablet-worthy site, and make your marketing workharder. This report shows you how to: . Take advantage of the tabletas a high-end media experience . Create experiences that supportunique tablet behavior . Increase engagement by leveraginguser-generated contentYou can do more than just hope for mobile marketing results; you canuse proven techniques to make sure you connect with consumers on thedevices they’re actually using. Download 3 Ways To Make Your SiteTablet-Worthy to learn how marketers are taking advantage of Apple’siPad and other tablets as new delivery channels. In this report,you'll learn how to:

Take advantage of the tablet as a high-end media experience Create experiences that support unique tablet behavior Increase engagement by leveraging user-generated content

Learn how to create your own tablet-worthy site. And make yourmarketing work harder.

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