by Bill Halpern
(Kitchener, Ontario)

The credit for this belongs to Paul Van Den Brande – via Colleen Francis. As a business development expert Paul has few equals, and I have used this brilliant little missive myself with great success.

Ask if they’re okay. This is an excellent idea from Engage Client Michael Freer, who uses it in both voice and email to drum up a response from clients who have unexpectedly gone silent:

Dear Bob;

On the XXth of June, I sent you an email asking for… and as I haven’t heard from you, I can only assume one of the following:

1) You’re now not interested and I’m reduced to the status of an annoying piece of spam clogging up your email; or

2) You desperately want to contact me, but you’re trapped under a fallen filing cabinet and can’t reach your phone or PC.

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Michael Freer

P.S. If it's #2 please let me know and I'll send some one around to help you out immediately:-)


Try it! I've found if they don't respond to this your probably wasting your time with them anyway:-)

Best's to all;

Bill Halpern
Integrateurs Intn'l Inc.
Kitchener, Ontario
The Great White North:-)

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