What is a Membership WebSite software?

A membership website software helps you run automatically your membership site. People would love to pay monthly for subscrip tion to your membership site if you can offer exclusive articles, information, or even a service (like trainings, software, games, ebooks, or music).

People are willing to pay for online content. In fact, the “Online Publishers Association” revealed that pay-for content is emerging as a hot revenue model. Business content, match making, and entertainment are the hottest niches. But even smaller niches, like coaching, fitness and dieting are producing profits.

Internet users spend hundreds millions of dollars for Online Content Subscribers are happy to pay anywhere from $5 a month to $19.95, and in some cases up to $200 a month – depending on the niche and the nature of the content. Annual subscription renewals hold a solid 72% according to "Online Publishers Association", giving site owners an impressive recurring residual income. Giving people a reason to return to the members only area is critical. You have to include the right tools, resources, discussion forums and quality content will do that!

The best way to build REAL WEALTH online is by creating a Continuity program. That’s right, continuity income is what separates the wannabes from the millionaires. Learn from one of the best continuity gurus Ryan Lee who has built multiple continuity programs and in his new training he teaches how to create a site that converts very good, keeps members engaged for years, and ultimately makes a lot of money.

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