Network security software protects you from hackers reaching your network or computer.

Facebook has also contributed to secure use of this popular social network by launching a HTTPS secure connection, which is implemented by many banks and ecommerce sites.  This will make it very difficult for people to hack your profile and poke around.

Facebook also offers a guide to Facebook privacy that gives some simple explanations about how Facebook privacy can be controlled.

When you choose your privacy settings you have the option to preview your profile so you can see the result of the settings you have set.

Below are the instructions on how you can enable a secure connection on Facebook. It gives you also a few other tips for staying safe and secure on Facebook.

1. Go to Account > My Settings. (From the account menu in the top right corner)

2. Scroll to the Account Security section In this section you can check two boxes, the first to enable  a secure connection when possible, and the second to recieve an email when a new computer or device accesses your account.

According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, victims of Internet-related crimes lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Facebook has created a page within the Facebook Secutity page that explains some of the treats that are out there.

These threats include:



Money Transfer Scams

Fake Notification Emails

Fake Emails from Facebook Employees

Suspicious Apps

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