Social network community can answer following questions:

· Who knows whom?

· Who knows what?

· Who can do what?

· Who looks for what?

· Who offers what?

Social network community provides planty of information to its members about other members and allows to manage friends and business partners in an effective environment.

If you’re concerned that your particular business isn’t ideally suited for building a social networking site around, here are some questions that can help you decide whether an online community site could benefit the growth of your business:

· Does your business or industry attract people who seek “how to” information? If so, would they benefit from information that could be shared in forums, blogs, videos, etc.?

· Are the people in your intended niche market area passionate (e.g. hobbyists, collectors, enthusiasts, fans)?

· Would a user-driven social networking site add more value to your business and to your customer’s online expectations than simply providing them with a more basic solution like a “forum” where they can ask questions and engage in discussions?

· Would the specific topic you are thinking about for a social network community site work well with visual media such as uploading and sharing videos, images, documents etc.?

Even if you think that your business may not be suited for a social networking site, you should not dismiss the idea of setting up an online community that has the potential to be profitable – even if it is totally unrelated to your business. It could be about a hobby, sport, craft or activity you are passionate about.

For example, here are just some of the niche communities and social network sites that exist currently:

• Communities for Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Entrepreneurs, Business Networks

• gaming communities, Poker, Online Poker

• Pets, Tropical Fish, Horses & Ponies, Dog Breeds, Cats

• Fishing, Golf, Martial Arts, Tennis, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Wrestling, Football Clubs, Sports Fans, Cycling, Athletes

• Extreme Sports, Skating, Biking, Paintball

• Surfing, Beach Culture

• Medical Conditions, Medical Practitioners, People With Disabilities, Alternative Health, Cancer Support, Terminal Care

• Women’s Networks, Work-At-Home Mums, Save Money Ideas

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