Social network script is software that will make Your social networking dream a reality.

On this page you can find the main social network scripts both free and commercial and there is plenty of choice. Before deciding to invest in a specific social networking script you might want to read social networking features to better understand what you really need for your social network.

The main commercial scripts are:

phpFox is a powerful full featured professional social networking software for different web communities and friends. Features include video-plug in, flash chat and instant messenger.

World Dating Partners - the best platform for creating dating networking sites

Pointter PHP Social Network is a PHP-based social network platform that lets you create a social network on your website. Pointter has micro-blogging and messaging systems integrated in it and also has unique communicating tools like plan sharing system, live location sharing via Google Map, information channel to make announcements or run random advertisements and built-in RSS Feed Reader to keep the users updated.

webNetwork Social Networking Script is a powerful featured social networking site script with many of the advanced features to create an instant community with members fast and easy. webNetwork provides your site with an instant community. Members can create profiles, friends, videos, photos, blogs, events, groups, and much more.

SocialEngine PHP Community Script is one of the best social network script available on the web. It takes complete control of your community with 100% unencrypted source code, and great user features like video, chat, blogs, albums, groups, events, and more. SocialEngine 4 is a modular platform for creating unique community-driven sites that run on your own web server.

DZOIC Handshakes Professional is a powerful and commercially available fully customizable social network script to run your own social networking portal. It has very good social plugins, very powerful admin console.

iScripts Socialware is an easy to setup social networking software just requires PHP and MySQL database. It is user friendly and has powerful features include friends management, Groups,...

PG social networking is easy to setup social networking software for personal or niche social networks. It is a fully featured and powerful package to start your own niche, community, business and professional social network. Modules structure, multilanguage interface, online and SMS payments, paid services are efficient in monetizing your database and building up an active community.

The list of free social networking scripts is very comprehensive and includes:

MyOwnSpace is a PHP based open source clone of the most popular social networking sites like myspace, orkut etc. It is a home made script and is free to use under GPL license.

Dolphin is a community builder and social networking software available free of charge. Features include integrated payment checkouts, profiles, blogs and other various third-party extended.

AroundMe is a FREE social network software to bring equally minded communities and friends together. It has easy theme selection and can create multiple webspaces which can be private or public.

Elgg is open source social networking platform which can be deployed to run a full fledged community site for friends or students or other social network. It supports RSS aggregator/aggregation.

FlightFeather is a free social networking platform written in PHP that is designed to run a social network on minimum hardware without wasting any bandwith.

OpenPNE is a social networking engine written in PHP to handle different tasks in a website.

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