We describe and compare here some of the best companies which provide the best social networking services.

First of all let's compare some of the main providers of social networking services.


What make their social networking ofeerings unique:

1) Chat bar - SocialGo offers a real time chatservice which lets you send unlimited private messages and also includes multi player games and facebook/twitter integration.

2) Video Chat - SocialGO claimes that no other social networking service offers video chat on all pages. Their video chat function allows you to to interact with all your members over high - quality video and audio.

3) Member Billing - SocialGO allows you to charge your members a subscription fee to join your network, and they don't take a penny of your earnings.

4) Full API - SocialGO has a fully documented API which facilitates the integration of large member bases into your network.

5) Custom Content Pages - SocialGO supports custom content pages, which looks more like a fully featured CMS. You can add as much customized content and pages as you want to your network with SocialGO.

6) Advanced Moderation - SocialGO has advanced moderation and access control system. It includes the option to divide membership levels and to choose privacysettings for tabs. You can charge different amounts to different member levels and make as many levels as you want.

7) Custom Code - SocialGO allows addition of up to 100,000 characters of custom code up to 5x per page. That is 10x more than our competitors offer on their lowest plan!Add your own 3rd party widgets and edit your networks CSS design.

8) White label - allows you to remove all SocialGO branding from the site, even when you email your members through thesystem, it won't show SocialGO's email address.

9) Profile Designer - Allow your members to customize the style and look of their profiles for personalization.

10) Twitter/Facebook Integration - Allow your members to login to your network seamlessly with their Facebook/Twitter details as well as directly update their status through your network.

11) Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth - Unlike many competitors SocialGO, believes it's network owners and its members should have the ability to upload as much content as they wish.

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