Having a clear social networking strategy guide and seeing your final goals is crucial

if you want to have a successful online community.

This is the social networking strategy guide or pass you have to follow to make profit from your online community.

1. Build the site

2. Leads generation or driving visitors to your site

3. Make sure the visitors become members

4. Finding and nurturing contributors

5. Customer relationship

6. Continue to work on your site and expand

7. Monetization

Building your business social networking site

This step of your social networking strategy guide is extensively explained in create social network.

Strategies on driving visitors to your site:

This is an important step in your social networking strategy guide. In order to have a successful online community you must have a lot of visitors. There are many ways to attract people to your site. The best ways are by email, newsletters and referral marketing. The best way is to start with a small group of people to ‘test out’ your site. Later you can expand and invite more people. If you have an existing database of customers or a list of people who have given you permission to keep in touch (i.e. via regular newsletters), then this is the best place to start. Email your listing the benefits of joining your social community (make sure to tell them if your site is “free to join”) and point them to your site.

Strategies to convert visitor to member

After you have attracted a reasonable amount of people you must make sure these people become members of your site. The main purpose of all of your promotional efforts is to drive new visitors to your site. Once prospective new members arrive at your site, your next task is to convert these visitors into signed-up members.

Some of the main factors that can affect conversion of visitors into members include:

Ensuring that your promotional strategies are targeted to your intended audience

Creating a list of benefits why people should join your social network

The cost of becoming a member

How easy the registration process is for visitors to join or become a member

A professional looking site with a pleasing and/or attractive look and feel

Social Proof - How many other people have already joined

Depending on your business model and objectives, you may want to offer a Free membership level to build as large a community as you can initially, with a “Paid” membership level that free members can then upgrade to later on.

The main benefit of doing this is that once people are in your community, you can then educate your members about the benefits of upgrading to the “paid” membership levels.

Finding and nurturing Content Contributors is a following step in your social networking strategy guide

One of the main benefits of owning a social media site, is the leverage you will experience when your own community members start adding unique, original and new content to your site. To ensure this area of business growth happens successfully, you will have to develop a strategy and invest some initial effort into finding the following:

Content Contributors – for adding new content to your site (e.g. blogs, videos, images, forum posts, etc …)

Forum and Group Moderators – for providing support to members and preventing spam and abuse in forums and groups.

Subject Experts – for providing the answers your members are looking for when questions are posted in forums, groups, comment and feedback areas of your site, etc.

It’s not that hard to find enthusiastic members in your community and then offer them a position such as forum or group moderator. Many people will accept this responsibility either for free, or in return for a “no cost” upgrade to a paid membership level or a similar perk.

The “not so good” news, is that when you are first starting out and until you grow a large enough membership to find members internally, you will need to do it all yourself, or outsourse some of the tasks.

And finally, the excellent news, is that if you set and maintain proper standards for your community to follow and commit yourself fully to the task of being a leader, eventually you will replace yourself in these important areas with other leaders - enthousiastic people who care as much as you do about your community and who appreciate its value. When this happens, you will have succeeded in freeing yourself up from an important area of site management and this will give you more time to focus on ways to grow your online business further.

Customer Relationship is a step in your social networking strategy guide you have to take very seriously

In the previous section, we touched briefly on the importance of being able to delegate important areas of site management like adding fresh, new content regularly to the site and monitoring forums and groups to others, namely the users themselves.

This leaves two other very important areas of your online business to manage:

* Marketing and sales

* Customer Management & Support

Sales and Marketing is everything to do with growing your online business and this is ultimately the area of your social networking strategy guide you want as a business owner to be spending most of your time doing. If you adopt a systematic approach to business development from the very beginning, you will find yourself focusing more and more on strategies that create leverage, exciting business growth and more profits and experiencing online business success.

The other important area you will need to focus on is Customer Relationship Management and Support. The great news is that this area is very easy to manage and can even be fully outsourced to others if you adopt a “systems-driven” approach and document your customer service processes and procedures.

You can create , for example, downloadable pdf guides, and step-by-step online tutorials using screenshots and screen capture videos that show members how to use all of the features in the online community. Important is to create a Guidelines for your Community, FAQ (Frequently Asked Question). Additionally, you find the software developer’s user forum and blogs to see if there are any add-on scripts or modifications that can make the job of managing a growing user community easier, more fun for members, and more exciting for the community as a whole.

Viral Growth should be one of the main pillars in your social networking strategy guide

After you have completed all previous steps, there is only one thing left to do: creating continuous, sustained growth. This growth can mean you inviting new people, but also your members telling others about your site. This growth can come from your own promotional efforts, your member’s referrals and invitations, and in some cases, even from paid referral or “affiliate” partner arrangements. Either way your site will grow and even to a point where it will grow without your help.

Ultimately, your aim should be to create “viral” growth in your business by making the process of existing members inviting new members simple and easy enough to duplicate so your community will start growing every day by itself.

Site Monetization and Revenue Generation

As your membership numbers start to increase, you can begin to explore several options to “monetize” - or generate revenue from - your site. We will disccuss these options in the making money on internet ,

social network advertising , affiliate traffic software and exit strategies for social sites articles.

We hope by now you've got an idea how to build and sustain your social networking strategy guide.

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