Social networking tools and aggregators provide enormous opportunities to manage your time effectively and provide maximum automation for your online business.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand how to use these social networking tools effectively.

One way to manage your social networking accounts is to visit each site on a daily or other regularly scheduled basis. We discuss here the most popular twitter aggregator. When you’re doing it all from one app, it’s much easier to remember to post to all of your social networks on schedule.

The more Twitter followers you have and the more Twitter is important for your business, the more you will need to automate and organize your time on Twitter.Whether you have one or several Twitter accounts,  I recommend considering using one of the most popular social networking tools - Hootsuite to make your Twitter experience less time consuming and more automated.

The basic subscription to HootSuite is Free, it is Web Based so there’s no software to download or update and it offers the great Features. This free Web-based Twitter management tool allows you to manage multiple accounts while also offering several must-have features including URL shortening, RSS automation, statistics, and tweet scheduling.

HootSuite Integrates  Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and WordPress Blog. You can simply utilize HootSuite as a Twitter client or add other social media platforms as well.At the bottom of  HootSuite, you’ll click on the  ‘settings’ tab, then ‘social networks’,  then ‘add social network’.  Fill out your information and off you go.

Entering a tweet from within any profile is easy thanks to the large text box complete with avatars from each of your Twitter accounts, Facebook and Linked in accounts. Simply enter your tweet, paying attention to the character countdown as you type, and then click the avatar that you want the tweet to be from.

You have the ability to pre-program what you want sent to your list. The Send Later feature is great for Twitter users who want to spread out their tweets or take advantage of different time zones. Because all tweets from HootSuite are labeled in Twitter as “posted from HootSuite,” other users are not aware that they are viewing previously scheduled tweets. On the other hand, tweets from Twitter scheduling services such as Twuffer and Tweet Later are fairly obvious to savvy users as having been prescheduled.

HootSuite’s Search search feature automatically saves previous searches, making it easy to return to your favorite searches and see the most recent tweets for those keywords.

Check it out here: HootSuite

We will be discussing more about other social networking tools. These include: Ping, SocialOomps, tweetdeck and many more.

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