Here are some valuable tips to make viral videos and increase traffic to your website.

Tip # 1 – Small budget viral videos or films are just fine. You don’t need to hire a Hollywood movie director to make viral videos. A homemade works great. But shoot several episodes to get it right. The concept is the key, the viewer is the King!

Tip #2 –Your video should be no longer then 2 minutes.Although YouTube will accept a video that is less than 10 minutes, smaller than 100MB try to make the video between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

Tip #3 - Make your description clear and specific.To best promote your video, you'll want its text description on YouTube to be accurate and interesting. Use descriptive keywords and language that people will find when they search for videos like yours. And use the correct categorizations on YouTube so people will find it.

Tip #4 – Try a series of similar videos to build interest. Sometimes a series of videos works great. The Blendtec Will it Blend? videos are a perfect example. They even sell t-shirts now!

Tip #5 – Tell everyone about your video!Initially after you uploaded your first few videos, you are likely to hear a deafening silence. You'll be waiting for comments, watching statistics, but will be disappointed by the small number of viewers. Don’t get discouraged. It takes time to build an audience and promote a video. Make sure people know it is there and can find it. Create links to your video from your home page, other pages, create buzz on social media. Mention your video in your e-mail or offline newsletters, and create links to your video as part of your e-mail signature and those of other people in your organization.

Tip #6 - Write an article about your video and syndicate that article to article sites and social bookmarking sites like Digg and make sure the article contains a link to the video.

Tip #7 Get it noticed by national newspapers, local press and online news resources that are popular. If it gets picked up by these you are well on your way - the traffic this will drive to your video will be unbelievable.

Tip #8 Post on major social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, and all other.

Tip #9 Email it to all your friends, colleagues and family and ask them to forward it on.

Tip #10 upload it to all the best video fileshare sites, don't spend your time on submitting it the clone sites.

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